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Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine for Real Estate use

Views:37     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-03-26      Origin:Site

Shoe covers machine is a kind of cleaning products which helps people hands free.

The functions: Using the principle of heat shrinkage of PVC film, it can automatically help users wear shoes. 

Users do not need to bend down and wear shoes cover on their feet with their hands. With only a slight step, 

the shoe cover will be automatically wrapped on the foot to avoid the inconvenience of bending down and 

changing shoes. There are intelligent shoe cover machine, film covering shoe cover machine and automatic 

shoe cover machine.

1. Intelligent shoe cover machine performance: Automatic intelligent shoe cover machine is a real estate 

model room must be supplies, is a symbol of real estate strength, the grade of shoe cover machine shows 

the strength of real estate companies, but also shows the company's respect for customers.

2. Safety and reliability: The control part of the machine consists of PCB, motor, heat system and so on. It 

also has the function of safety protection and will not cause any harm to human feet. The display can also 

show the Surplus quantity of shoe cover.


shoe cover machine for real estate

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