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Avoiding cross-contamination is especially important when SARS sweeps across the globe in 2003.

At that time, our boss- the inventor of the Heat-Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine, was watching news about SARS. The most common picture appeared was the doctor nurse wearing a white coat with a disposable mask and a hat, wearing a disposable shoe cover. At that time, he is tearing open the heat sealing film of instant noodles, preparing instant noodles, and suddenly he had an inspiration,
if he can apply the heat shrinkable film to the shoe cover, design a shoe cover machine with instant sealing film, how convenient it is. So he concentrated on this development, through thousands of trials, the smart shoe film machine finally went public in 2006.

We use Quen as a brand, which is to give the user a queen-like feeling of Queen. Users no need to bend over again, no need to wear a shoe cover by hand, making everything so simple.
Make this shoe cover machine a queen in the shoe cover industry.



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