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How the Shoe Cover Machine works

How to install the PVC Film Roll

Application Place

Dental Clinic
Pharmaceutical Factory
Real Estate Model House
Fitness Center
Meeting Room
Data Center

Why Choose Us

12 Years 
We specialize in Manufacturing Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine
We are the Unique Manufacturer for this Thermal Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine
Large Shoe 
Cover Capacity
One roll PVC film can be made into about 1000pcs or 1600pcs shoe cover
Useful Life
The design life is about 300,000 times. Low failure rate
The PVC film is Eco-Friendly
Welcome To Quen
The Unique Manufacturer of Intelligent Thermo Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine - Zhejiang Quen Technology Co.,Ltd, located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.
The main product of the company - Intelligent Thermo Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine is an automatic professional appliance to cover film under the shoe by utilizing the thermal shrinkable principle. It aims to achieve anti-bacteria and keeping clean, without stooping down and wearing shoe cover by hand. "Quen" Intelligent Thermo Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine has been developed since 2003. After thousands of times experiment and improvement, it takes the lead in entering into...

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Latest News

shoe cover machine for real estate.jpg
  • 26
  • March
Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine for Real Estate use

Shoe covers machine is a kind of cleaning products which helps people hands free.The functions: Using the principle of heat shrinkage of PVC film, it can automatically help users wear shoes. Users do not need to bend down and wear shoes cover on their feet with their hands. With only a slight step,

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  • 05
  • March
Automatic Shoe Cover Machine for Home use

Quen shoe cover machine uses sole film covering technology, which solves the disadvantages of traditional shoe cover machine, such as small capacity, high failure rate and unstable sleeve. It is an advanced and high-grade intelligent shoe cover machine in China, and has won many patents. Not only hi

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shoe cover dispenser machine.jpg
  • 18
  • March
Quen Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser were been used for National Leaders

The representative of the Eight Countries in Geneva andthe main diplomats used our shoe cover machine when visiting Xinjiang. Quen Automatic Shoe Cover Machine was on CCTV news.It provided convenience to these national leaders, no need to wear shoe cover by hand.For more information, pls visitwww.qu

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